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In today’s unpredictable economy, businesses are trying new and innovative ways to reduce overhead. This is especially true as we increasingly rely on technology and the digital world.


A recent survey by Deloitte of 1,200 senior executives across all industries and regions found that 71% planned to undertake cost controls in the next 24 months. The same survey also found that these executives also hoped to launch new technologies over the same timeframe. So how can companies cut costs, while also spending on new technologies?

A Managed Print Services solution can help.

It’s a way to transform your print technology while lowering your costs by as much as 30%. An MPS provider can provide you with analytics, dedicated management, and strategic deployment of technology, all while reducing costs and boosting productivity.

Here are some examples of MPS in action:


Save on Supplies

A good MPS provider will start by auditing your current print usage and providing you with a cost analysis showing where you can save within your print environment, including on supplies. They will implement a “just-in-time” toner delivery system so you won’t waste any more money keeping supplies in stock.


Save on Equipment

An MPS provider will help streamline your printer fleet by eliminating redundant equipment, repositioning underused equipment and integrating newer technology for maximum efficiency. Maintenance and repairs are covered under a monthly fee so you’ll never have to worry about an unexpected expense due to a breakdown.


Save on IT Costs

How much time does your IT team spend on printer-related issues? An MPS provider monitors printers and handles service problems freeing your IT team to focus on mission-critical tasks.

An MPS provider can help you to save money and operate more sustainably. You’ll reduce your toner and paper use and have a more efficient printer fleet, meaning less energy use and a lower carbon footprint. Plus, you’ll enjoy predictable costs with a fixed monthly invoice. Want to learn more? Give us a call for a free, no-obligation print assessment.


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