Managed IT Services

Don’t just keep your systems up and running, take it one step further.

managed IT services Toronto

Our Managed IT Services can fill the gaps without breaking your budget

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Managing the cost and upkeep of information technology has become too expensive and complex for the average organization to handle on its own.

We ensure your systems are always running smoothly and up-to-date with the current technology. From monitoring your network to providing employees with a growing list of applications, we can design a custom solution to meet part or all of your IT needs.

We have solutions to help you achieve your goals today, and to meet new challenges as your business grows – like moving your IT to the cloud to reduce capital expenditures, lowering your IT costs, making your employees more productive, and providing you with a solid backup plan and disaster recovery strategy.

How it works
Managed IT
Managed IT
Managed IT

Outsourced Challenges

  • Reactive Approach
  • Extended Downtime
  • Limited IT Expertise
  • Unpredictable Budgeting
  • Repeat Visits to Correct Issues
  • Hardware Replacement Delays
  • Uncertified / Unqualified Support
  • Finger Pointing Between IT & 3rd Parties
  • High Cost (IT tickets adding up)

In-House Challenges

  • Limited IT Resources
  • Lack of IT Talent / Experience
  • Unreliable Outsourcing
    • VoIP & Data Backup / Microsoft Support Issues

How hubTGI Can Help

  • Single Accountable IT Partner
  • Proactive and Consultative Approach
  • Predictable Budgeting
  • 2nd Layer Support for Everyday Issues
  • Strategic Partnerships
    • Microsoft Gold Partner, VMware, Barracuda & Sophos, In-House VoIP Solution
managed IT services Toronto

Thinking of Managed IT Services? Think hubTGI.

We offer comprehensive and affordable Managed IT Services for the technologies your organization depends on. Rely on us entirely, or keep your existing IT staff and supplement them with the support you need – all for one predictable monthly service fee.

There’s a better way to manage your IT infrastructure.

Let hubTGI show you how.

We’ll remove the guesswork and provide you with a solution that makes sense.