VoIP Services (Voice over Internet Protocol)

The average business phone system has a lifespan of only six to eight years. After that, the system is either lagging in features or not maintained, often to the detriment of the business.

You may already realize it’s time to upgrade. If so, welcome to VoIP.

Toronto GTA VOIP

Make phone calls using the internet

This exploding technology allows you to convert analog signals such as your voice, into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet.

The benefits are huge. The investment isn’t.

Entire systems can run in the cloud and, in many cases, don’t even require desk phones.

Imagine the versatility you can achieve by using your PC, tablet or smartphone instead of being tied to a desk phone. Modern solutions also offer additional communication perks beyond simply voice. Instant messaging, presence, video calling and collaboration tools give you business capabilities that are designed to keep you operating optimally and at maximum productivity.

How it works
VOIP Toronto GTA
VOIP Toronto GTA

Common Challenges

  • Maintaining an Old Analog/Digital System
  • VoIP Service Issues
  • Bad Voice Quality/Latency/Call Dropping
  • Conference Calling is Additional Cost
  • Existing Set Up Not Scalable
  • Multiple Offices with No Integration
  • Cell Phones Are Not Connected to Office System
  • No Ability to Access VM from Outside Easily
  • Security Risks Associated with VM Hacking
  • Bad Service, No Account Management
  • Difficultly Budgeting for Monthly Changing Costs

hubTGI Solutions

  • VoIP Assessment
  • VoIP or ON PREM Solution Options
  • All-in Service Model
  • Single Fee – Conference Calls, Features, Replacements, etc.
  • Predictable Budgeting & Performance

Business Outcomes

  • Reduces Long Distance Costs
  • Redundancy is Built Into the Network
  • Eliminates Onsite PBX Equipment
  • Reduces/Eliminates Traditional Telephone Lines
  • Provides Advanced Calling Features, Flexibility
  • Mobile Friendly Technology
  • 3 or 4 Digit Dialing Everywhere
  • Local and National Phone Numbers Available

We’ll remove the guesswork and provide you with a solution that makes sense.