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Simplify and Save with Automated AP/AR from HubTGI.

End monotonous manual data entry and validation to gain instant access and accurate visibility into cash flow to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your receivables and payables data.

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      Improve Collections, Manage Payables, and Keep Your Business and Cash Flowing With AP/AR Automation


      Countless mistakes are made, and time is wasted when transitioning between paper and digital documentation. With an automated AR/AP solution from hubTGI, you’ll enjoy more effective entry and more accurate processing from your accounting team.

      By transforming your AR/AP to an automated digitized system you will end the problem of approval bottlenecks, lost or misplaced invoices, and manual data entry into multiple systems. With a hubTGI solution, you’ll reduce receivables times, make payments on time, avoid late fees, and keep your business growing.

      Challenges And Benefits of AP/AR Automation

      Here are some business benefits and solutions of Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable that your accounting team will benefit from automation.

      Document Lifecycle Visibility

      Multiple sources and formats can slow down your team and result in late payments and lost invoices. With automation, you’ll gain greater visibility and transparency throughout the document lifecycle

      AP Processing Time

      AR/AP automation will optimize cash flow, enable dynamic discounting, and plan budget and revenue forecasts as soon as documents are received.


      Automation can help with compliance reporting and ensure that your company is compliant within process workflows providing complete control over your document information.

      Productivity Challenges

      By streamlining operations and reducing human error, your team can increase workflow by accurately processing electronic information in less time.

      Cost Reductions

      Today, more than ever, time is money! Automation can save time and reduce the costs associated with time-intensive manual data processes, reducing the time needed from weeks to days.

      Security Threats


      Calculate Potential Savings

      Estimated cost of processing an invoice
      Average Price: $10.18
      Estimated number of invoices monthly
      Current Price Without Automation:
      Estimated Price With Automation: $0.00
      Estimated Savings With Automation: $0.00
      * Estimated price and estimated savings may changed based on the complexity of invoices, business rules and workflow.
      * Average invoice price based on Ardent Partners’ Accounts Payable Metrics that Matter in 2023

      How It Works

      A hubGTI AR/AP solution consists of several steps that take you from document to data. Steps include:


      Document information is captured with support for multiple input channels like email, web-based invoicing, FTP, MFP, fax, mobile capture, and more. This ensures an identical process independent of format or form.


      OCR is used to turn an image of text into something digestible that the computer* can understand as data.


      Our solution leverages Machine Learning to automatically classify documents and creates a model that will improve and get smarter as more document variations are introduced. ML uses the database to compare document content and then automatically identifies and classifies the information.

      Extract & Validate

      Relevant data is extracted, identified, and validated to ensure consistency. Based on the document type, the system extracts field and line data without templates, keywords, zones, or anchors.


      The workflow includes automated invoice processing with manual verification by your team for missing information and instant posting for PO- matched documents.


      Documents are exported to the desired ERP system for invoice data export. Automated indexing ensures fast easy invoice retrieval.

      We’re Here To Help!

      Are you still relying on paper-based processes, slow error-prone manual data entry, and disconnected digital documents? Not sure how to move forward? Stop wasting time and money.

      Contact your hubTGI rep today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation and learn how our automated AR/AP solutions can improve productivity, save time, and lower your costs. We’re ready to help you embrace digital transformation and automate those tedious manual processes!

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