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At hubTGI, we’re extremely proud of the partnerships we’ve forged with the top manufacturers and service providers in our industry. Our newest partnership with PrinterLogic has given us the opportunity to offer our customers a powerful, serverless cloud-based printing solution.

With our hubTGI/PrinterLogic solution, organizations of any size can completely eliminate print servers from their print environment and migrate their entire operation to a truly serverless print infrastructure. This move can free you from the hassle of managing, maintaining, licensing, troubleshooting, and upgrading your print servers allowing you to focus on core business initiatives.

The Advantages of a hubTGI/PrinterLogic Serverless Solution

Our cloud-based serverless printing platform stands apart from our competitors’, thanks to the major benefits it can bring to your company. These benefits include: 

Removes Single Points of Failure

When you eliminate print servers and replace them with a centrally managed direct-IP printing solution, you eliminate single points of failure that can slow down, or even halt print capabilities. Crashes, spooler hangs, and other vulnerabilities that can impact print availability are completely eliminated!

Reduces Print-Related WAN Overhead

A hubTGI/PrinterLogic solution allows for organization-wide oversight from a single web-based administrative console and its direct-IP paradigm keeps jobs between the client’s device and the local printer. Data-heavy jobs no longer need to travel across the WAN to and from the data center of a consolidated server.

Our serverless, cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with other virtual solutions like Citrix and VMWare.

Improves Day-to-Day Management

The central administration console is balanced between power and intuitiveness. This makes it easy for administrators to set up highly targeted deployments including location-based printing by using standard Active Directory criteria.

Empower End Users

The self-service installation portal allows end-users to safely and routinely perform printer installs. Using web-based optional floor-plan maps through the centralized portal, they can identify their location and nearby printers, then install with the click of a button.

Enhances Security and Control

Secure printing functionality is just one of several ways that you can enjoy the advantage of hardened security right alongside a serverless printing infrastructure. With secure print, jobs are held until users intentionally release the job to their desired printer.

Are you ready to learn more about our newest business partner, PrinterLogic, and the benefits their technology can bring to your business? Call your hubTGI sales rep today and schedule a demonstration. Let us show you the benefits a hubTGI/PrinterLogic solution can provide your business!

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