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The most important factor in operating a successful business is employee productivity. When everything is running smoothly, we often take it for granted. But when there’s a problem, like a bottleneck at the printer, and operations ground to a halt, we sit up and take notice.

So how can you ensure that productivity remains high? Here are a few ideas, to keep your team functioning productively!


Engagement is the Key

Disengaged employees call in sick more often, and turnover is an issue. Disengaged employees cost US businesses $483 to $605 billion every year in lost productivity.

Here are some solutions to keep your team engaged, productive, and happy on the job:


Provide the Tools They Need

Tools play a huge role in keeping a team productive and engaged. Choosing the right software, print devices, and network support make their work easier and streamline workflows. Xerox ConnectKey technology makes collaboration, scanning, and printing more efficient. Simply scan data to the cloud for easy sharing and collaboration, or print any document from the cloud, from anywhere, quickly and easily.


Offer Ongoing Training to Improve Skills

A recent study in the International Journal of Science and Research found that proper training benefits both employers and employees with increased engagement, better efficiency and increased productivity.


Encourage Autonomy

Creating a team of self-starters can greatly benefit your business. One of the most effective tools for increasing team productivity is having managers refrain from micromanaging. Give your team freedom over how, and where, they work and they will rise to the occasion!


Communicate Clearly

Focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past, and keep the lines of communication open. Your employees will see your commitment to growth and moving forward. Communication starts at the top. When managers communicate openly, it creates a positive environment for team members.


Increase Satisfaction with Great Perks!

Perks like offering flex time, remote work options, and other benefits will increase engagement and job satisfaction, and happy employees are more productive.

Offering benefits, providing autonomy and opening the lines of communication will help create a team that has a sense of ownership. Put in the effort to engage with your team, and soon you’ll see productivity rise!

We have what you need to keep your print environment running at peak efficiency. Contact us for a free, no obligation print assessment and let us help you make 2020 your most productive year yet!


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    Great article! I agree.
    Very good information on increasing employees’ productivity prioritizing tasks at the workplace. You can also monitor your employees’ computers by using employee computer monitoring software to increase their productivity.

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