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Staying organized and up-to-date with digital files can be difficult if not done properly. Take the guesswork out of your document management with Artsyl. Powered by AI and machine learning, Artsyl offers intelligent document processing capabilities that help churn meaningful and actionable data from document-driven processes.

Newline Interactive Displays – 1

Newline Interactive provides touch screen displays to help run more efficient video conferences. With a modular 4K camera, build-in microphone capable of picking up 26 feet, and a Windows-based screen helping your team integrate your favorite Microsoft software, like PowerPoint, you can communicate with ease..

Corey Green
Sales Consultant, IT Services

Newline Interactive Displays – 2

Discover how to use Newline Interactive displays in your day-to-day work. Easily cast your screen, use Microsoft Whiteboards for brainstorming, and improve collaboration between in-office and at-home employees.

Eric Melia
Sales Consultant, IT Services