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Technology Rightsizing Case Study

Digging Deeper:

Rightsizing to Support a Remote Workforce with Ontario Mining Association

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About Ontario Mining Association

The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) was established in 1920 to represent the province’s mining industry and is one of the longest-serving trade organizations in Canada. OMA has a long history of working constructively with governments and communities of interest to build consensus on issues that matter to the industry and this province’s people.

Company Highlights

Industry: Mining
Headquarters: 5775 Yonge Street, Toronto
Key Contact: Kathy Downs, Membership & Operations Manager

The Scenario

The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) has been a hubTGI print client for over 7 years. When their team started working remotely and hybrid, they started to face several challenges including:

  • Overspending on a large in-office printer that they no longer needed.
  • Increasing IT requirements to support remote workers and cybersecurity.
  • Paper-based files living in their office, while their team worked remotely with no way to access important documents.
  • Identifying cyber threats with a lack of in-house knowledge and software to support their current needs.

The Challenge

Overspending, overwhelmed, underprotected

Upon going remote, OMA realized that their new IT requirements were beyond their internal capabilities. Although Kathy is tech-savvy, she is not an IT professional nor did she have the time to properly address her team’s concerns. Kathy felt overwhelmed and needed to solve the following challenges:

  • Their office copier was larger than they needed, resulting in overspending.
  • New IT requirements and skillsets were not available in-house
  • Traditional hardcopy documents were difficult to locate and share.
  • Confidential membership data was at risk due to working remotely

I like that things are all in one place. Having one contact point for all of our technology is a lot easier, I like streamlining things and they understand the whole picture instead of one aspect that you’re dealing with. I couldn’t be happier with the support we received from hubTGI.

Kathy Downs

The Solution

After recognizing the need to right-size their office technology for their new remote and hybrid work models, the hubTGI team took proactive steps to address their challenges and optimize their operations for remote work. By implementing the following solutions, OMA improved office efficiency, giving Kathy back hours every week to focus on her core responsibilities:

  • Right-size their office printer to a desktop printer, eliminating unnecessary spending and energy consumption.
  • Implement ADVANCE2000 Help Desk so Kathy and her team can get their questions answered by certified IT professionals instantly. By doing this, Kathy was given back hours every week, and had their issues fixed faster, reducing downtime.
  • Reduce their dependency on paper documents with a scanning and document management strategy, helping them transition from traditional hardcopy documents to digital formats.
  • Protect confidential membership data with robust cybersecurity protocols, software, and employee education with ongoing security audits for effective risk mitigation.

Business Impact

As a result of engaging hubTGI to solve OMA’s technology challenges, the following was achieved:

  • Cost Savings: By right-sizing their office printer, OMA was able to reduce unnecessary spending on oversized equipment and inefficient processes has freed up resources that can be better allocated.
  • Increased Staff Productivity: With the implementation of a Document Management system and IT Help Desk, Kathy and the OMA team were able to improve workflows, document retrieval, collaboration, and encourage productivity.
  • Enhanced Focus & Agility: Using the new technologies and support infrastructure, OMA is better equipped to leverage software to focus on their members and pivot according to their needs.
  • Enhanced Adaptability: Now that OMA is backed by multiple software and hardware tools, they are able to work both remotely and in the office without facing any technical challenges like security, document retrieval issues, and downtime.
  • Improved Data Security: OMA and their members are now confident that the steps taken will prevent potential risks associated with confidential data.

I measure our business impact by how we’re not impacted. Our day-to-day is flawless. We go into the office and our Xerox machine is working, the security is there, and I don’t have to devote time to fixing things. The fact that there are no interruptions is how I measure the success of our new office technology.

Kathy Downs

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