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COVID-19 has changed the face of business, but are these changes temporary or a sign of a more permanent shift towards working from home? In an uncertain economic climate, companies are embracing the opportunity to continue operations while complying with the restrictions placed upon them by the pandemic.

With no clear end in sight, employees are left to set up a workspace in their homes among family and day to day life, and as this becomes the new norm, owners and managers may find that employees do not want to return to the office environment once business resumes.

This unprecedented movement towards home working comes with unique benefits and challenges, and while some organizations are reaping the rewards others are struggling with connectivity and security issues, or insufficient bandwidth. In spite of these concerns, the longer that staff continue to work from home, the more it becomes apparent that remote working may be here to stay.


Tools for Remote Working

At hubTGI we support these platforms for ease of collaboration and remote working:

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration on files), and application integration. This service integrates with the Office 365 office productivity suite and features extensions that can integrate with non-Microsoft products.

Microsoft Planner:  Microsoft Planner is a planning application available on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. It’s an easy to use web-based tool designed for a group to work together to organize their plans and teamwork on various projects.

Lifesize: Lifesize provides technology for face-to-face communications, including high definition video conferencing and works with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Talk to us about virtual desktops supported through our partnership with Advance 2000. We can quickly leverage your IT infrastructure and our cloud to deliver virtual desktops and applications to get your employees connected and working from home, providing business continuity.

Remote working isn’t for everyone, but those who adapt may choose to make a more permanent transition after the threat of COVID-19 has passed.


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