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Digital Transformation Services

Replace human effort and outdated processes with automation.

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    Transform Your Business Results

    Give your business an unfair advantage with our proven approach to identify, digitize, optimize and automate work processes.

    Leverage our industry experience and best-of-breed technology partnerships to replace human effort, outdated paper processes and technology gaps with value driven solutions for your unique business.

    Select from the world’s best SaaS, OCR, AI, ML and Intelligent Processing technology to do more, faster and more secure.

    “Digital transformation begins with reimagining your fundamental business processes with the power of digital technology.”

    Abiye BirkuhubTGI VP of Business Innovation





    Which of these challenges are holding your business back?

    • Remote Worker Collaboration Barriers
    • Dependant on Paper Documents
    • Manual Tasks & Human Errors
    • Employee Recruiting, Engagement & Retention
    • Restrictive Technologies
    • Vendor Selection & Integration
    • Employee / Technology Utilization Issues
    • Cybersecurity Threats
    • Compliance Issues


    There’s a better way with intelligent, digital transformation.

    • AP Dept – Automate Processing Vendor Invoices
    • AR Dept – Automate Sales Order Entry & Invoice Collections
    • HR Dept – Digitize & Automation Onboarding & Employee Records
    • Sales & Finance – Leverage E-Signatures & E-Forms
    • Admin – Replace Manual Tasks with Automation
    • Boardroom Automation – Communicate & Collaborate Digitally
    • Records Management – Digital Archival & Retrieval
    • All Departments – Paper to Digital Workflows

    "47% CEO's are relying on information technology, more than any other strategy, to compete in the economy ahead."

    (Forbes 2022 CEO Outlook Survey)

    Digital Transformation Benefits

    Boost employee productivity, customer satisfaction & your bottom line.

    Cost Savings
    Eliminate avoidable expenses and replace CapEx with OpEx.
    Business Process Visibility
    Gain meaningful insights to accelerate your business forward.
    Business Process Simplification
    Replace human effort with intelligent automation.
    Intelligent Decision Making
    Avoid mistakes with data driven decisions.
    Employee Productivity Gains
    Respond quicker, accomplish more and collaborate better.
    Improved Collaboration
    Strengthen your internal and external communication.
    Eliminate Human Errors
    Stop making mistakes caused by manual processes.
    Regulatory Compliance
    Protect your business, your customers and your reputation.

    Thinking Digital Transformation?

    Request a conversation with a hubTGI Digital Transformation consultant today to learn how other organizations are replacing human effort and traditional business processes with technology and automation.

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