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Yet those same users may keep a copier or printer in the office for five to ten years or more; because, after all, they’re still “functional,” or because it takes some investment to upgrade. So they’re using older equipment – but at what cost to productivity, information security and efficiency?

Look for the signs

The signs of documentation equipment or software obsolescence can be blatant or subtle. If your old printer or copier is “down” frequently, necessitating time-consuming service calls and replaced components, it’s likely that the device is simply past its usefulness. That’s an example of an obvious issue.

Less obvious signs might fall into the category of the familiar routine. Do employees spend a great deal of time collating, stapling, filing and retrieving paper – while reams of discarded or abandoned hard copies litter the copy room? If so, your workplace is wasting time, energy, and resources like paper and toner for less-than-optimum results. Newer systems like the Xerox iSeries line of products give customers access to an online app studio with free apps that can help improve workflow and boost productivity by leveraging the cloud for easy access and storage of scanned documents.

Did you know that 92% of mobile workers want to print from their mobile device? (source: LinkedIn).  Many older systems simply cannot support mobile printing, compromising employee productivity.

Finally, there’s the question of data security. Cloud-based documentation management, with its sophisticated encryption tools, can go a long way toward keeping your confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. A print fleet that isn’t yet optimized for security puts that same information at risk.

Time for a print fleet “facelift”?

The total cost of print ownership goes beyond the purchase price of devices and material. From waste, to downtime, to inefficient print policies, the spending could add up fast.

An investment in your print fleet need not be a budget-breaker. A proven Managed Print Services (MPS) provider, in fact, can not only offer you a free print assessment of your workplace but also design a system that accommodates your budget and meets real-world user needs.

The result could be greater efficiency throughout your organization, cost savings tied to less material use or waste, and increased access for remote users while still providing vital information security.

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