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Today, one of the most important business decisions you’ll make is choosing the right technology partner. One that will steer your technology choices intelligently, stand behind their work, and help you to grow your business in many ways. 

Here are five key things to look for when choosing the right technology partner.

1. They Listen

Whether it’s a personal or business relationship, clear communication is the key to a successful partnership. Sometimes it seems like technology providers are speaking an entirely different language. A great provider can explain even the most complex concepts in a way that a non-technical person can understand. A Managed IT provider needs to listen to you, understand where you are, and effectively communicate.

2. Service That Goes Above and Beyond

A dependable partner will give 110 percent every single time. Here at hubTGI, we always seek to exceed our clients’ expectations. Since there’s no way to predict when an IT emergency may happen, we also believe in around-the-clock service with quick response times. Ask your potential provider about their remote monitoring and how they will assist you in times of need.

3. Their Solutions Can Be Scaled

Achieving your business goals sets you up for growth. A good technology partner will anticipate change and create a solution that is scalable to meet your business needs. You may outgrow your existing infrastructure or maybe you’ll need to downsize in the future – your solutions will need to change with you. A partner that can scale you up or down is crucial to your ongoing success.

4. They Have Long-Term Client Relationships

Ask about their existing client relationships. How long do they tend to last? The length of a provider’s client relationships can provide insights into the longevity you can expect when you partner with them.

5. They Offer What You Need

It really comes down to whether or not the provider offers the services you need. Ask about their support desk structure, approach to planning, technology assessments, best in class technology, disaster recovery service and security.

These are five key considerations when vetting potential technology partners for your business. The last thing you want to do is enter an agreement with a partner that isn’t capable of meeting your business’s unique needs. By looking at these five key areas, you’ll set your business up for long-term success.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help manage your IT while you manage your business.

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