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Your IT team is busy. They’re working hard to keep your infrastructure operational and that means all of your office systems – applications, software, hardware, email and telephones – everything that keeps your business up and running. 

What is the Break/Fix Model?

Break/fix is a reactionary model for managing a company’s business technology. Basically, break/fix is a way of saying that identifying solutions becomes a priority once a problem is occurring, or once something breaks, then it gets fixed. 

The problem with break/fix is that it is reactionary and not proactive. Break/fix is about putting out fires, rather than preventing them from starting in the first place. When your IT team is spending their time putting out fires, tasks that could actually move your business forward are not getting done. 

So how can you free your IT team’s time to focus on mission-critical tasks, while keeping their eyes on security and growth? By partnering with a Managed IT Services provider. 

The Benefits of a Managed IT Solution

A Managed IT Services provider will provide the technology, technical support, and maintenance to remove you from the break/fix cycle! Their job is to keep your systems running smoothly 24/7 with regular preventative maintenance, and 24-hour monitoring designed to keep your network operating at peak performance. 

Some other benefits include:

Better Security: With so many devices, apps, and software, and your business’s reliance on technology to function, it can be overwhelming to protect your digital assets. A Managed IT Services provider will protect your IT environment from breaches and breakdowns.

Save Money: Lowering your engineering and integration costs, software license fees, and aligning your IT needs with your business goals can cut your costs. With Managed IT you’ll be able to better anticipate your monthly IT costs with one predictable monthly invoice making managing your finances easier.

With Managed IT Services from hubTGI, you’ll gain the expertise and knowledge of a team of leading experts in all things technology. This includes leading-edge software, hardware, and applications that have been validated by our team of experts to give your company a competitive edge!

Want to learn more? Let us show you how, with hubTGI as your trusted IT partner, you’ll free up your time to focus on managing and growing your business!

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