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Thanks to the information available with the click of a mouse, business buyers have become much more savvy customers to date. Often, they can determine the solution they need, the supplier they want, and the price they’ll pay before setting their eyes on a salesperson. 

So, here’s our question; do buyers really need to deal directly with a salesperson?

The short answer is… absolutely! There is a lot of value in developing a relationship with a salesperson. Read on to learn why!

Why Building a Sales Relationship is Right For Your Business

A good salesperson will offer unique and valuable perspectives on the market. They can help you identify new opportunities, increase revenue, cut costs, mitigate risks and penetrate new markets in ways you might not have recognized. 

A good salesperson will:

• Help you Navigate Alternatives – Once they get to know you and your business, your salesperson can help you navigate alternative options that suit your needs and open an ongoing discussion.

• Provide Valuable Advice or Consultation – A salesperson has the experience to present innovative and creative solutions to problems that you might not have considered. They can keep you up to date on the newest technology or information that can help your business.

• Help you to Avoid Potential Landmines – When you develop a good relationship with your salesperson they can come to understand your business your needs better than you do. They can provide valuable insight on how to avoid potential pitfalls for your business.

• Educate You on New Issues and Outcomes – A good salesperson will challenge your assumptions. As technology opens new doors, your rep can help guide you through it and help you understand how it can help you with the challenges you face.

You’re Dealing with a Human – Salespeople are human beings. They can hear your frustration and apathy over the phone – something an online option will simply never be able to do. You’ll be able to discern the confidence your salesperson has in their product or service by how they speak about it.

Unfortunately, many buyers simply do not trust salespeople. This lack of trust is often a result of dealing with past salespeople who were just a little too pushy, or just plain dishonest.

At hubTGI, our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience with personalized service. We’re proud of the customer relationships we’ve built over the years and we’ll work hard to earn your business! Interested in learning more about us and how we can help? Give us a call today and let’s start a discussion!

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