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The Covid-19 pandemic uncovered some interesting truths about business in Canada. For example, that investing in workplace technology makes businesses more resilient. As small to medium enterprises (SMEs) work to build businesses that can adapt to a changing market, many business leaders wonder which technology trends will help the most in 2022 and beyond.

A recent GetApp survey asked business leaders through the country what software they plan to invest in this year. Most respondents cited three areas of technology they would be investing in. They are: application integration, conversational user interfaces, and the blockchain. All are poised to have the most potential impact over the next two years.

Application Integration

Over 38% of business leaders said they plan to adopt application integration software. Application integration is when digital tools work and communicate together. The pandemic sped up the adoption of digital tools, however in many cases not much thought was put into the coherence of the strategy. It’s crucial that these tools work together to ensure:

  • Data is kept consistent across locations
  • Workflows performed by disparate applications are streamlined
  • Access to data and functionality from multiple applications is provided through a single interface

Conversational User Interfaces (CUI)

CUIs came in second in the poll with 36% of respondents. A CUI is any space where users can interact and chat with a machine the same way they would with a co-worker. There are two main types; one being voice assistants, think SIRI, or ALEXA. The second are chatbots which converse using text.

Blockchain Technology

With increased digital business comes the increased risk. With a raised threat level, companies want to keep their data safe. That’s why 36% of respondents want to invest in blockchain technology. Blockchain technology creates records in decentralized blocks that cannot be altered. This means that all recorded data is safe, and verifiable. Hackers must successfully breach multiple data blocks to access information. This is virtually impossible!

In the coming years, as Canadian businesses adjust to the hybrid work model, owners are seeking to build secure, customized online presences for a safe and productive user experience. Watch these three technologies closely as we move closer to 2023!

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