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Even with the range of technological advancements in learning institutions in recent years, there’s one that outdoes them all – the introduction of collaborative touchscreens in classrooms. If your school wants to create a more dynamic learning environment by leveraging the power of technology, collaborative touchscreens are a great solution.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a collaborative touchscreen in your classroom:

  1. Encourages Interactive Learning – Collaborative touchscreens present dynamic and progressive content from numerous web-based resources providing opportunities for you as a teacher or student to share and present from laptops or tablets. Moreover, they allow participation while editing and reviewing assignments without the messiness experienced when using traditional boards.
  2. Provides a Medium for Multiple styles of Learning – A collaborative touchscreen benefits all types of learners: auditory, visual, or hands-on. Teachers can use the touchscreen for instructing small groups, organized by learning style, or one-on-one with individual students. Elementary school teacher uses interactive digital whiteboard to teach a classroom of students
  3. Encourages Student-Teacher Engagement – Seeing other students participating on a touchscreen can encourage others to become more involved. Teachers can encourage their students to increase their involvement by working in groups, presenting projects, or even taking the reins and leading a lesson!
  4. Encourages Exploration of Creativity – With the advanced user interface collaborative touchscreens provide, students and teachers can benefit by exploring their creativity. Collaborative touchscreen technology offers a myriad of options to express various learning approaches for the instructors, ensuring versatility in the learning environment.
  5. Improve Overall Student Performance – As a result of collaborative touchscreens increasing student engagement, this subsequently leads to improved overall performance. Active student participation induced by collaborative touchscreens directly correlates to better performance and improved attitudes. Such technology further provides the students with additional learning resources and alternatives.

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Here at hubTGI, we offer a wide array of cutting-edge solutions and have the latest in collaborative touchscreen technology. Our Newline interactive displays cater to all categories of educational facilities and will improve the learning experience.

With Newline Cast videoconferencing software, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of online distance learning. The collaborative two-way touchscreens offer hassle-free multi-touch displays compatible with multiple operating systems.

Let us help you boost collaboration in your classroom. Get in touch with us to transform your teaching space into an ideal, interactive learning environment today!

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