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As bad actors become more sophisticated and smarter, the need to protect your digital assets and network devices is even more important. A breach can cost a company not only money, but in reputation and customers as well.

Managed IT Services has helped many companies with such services as help desk support, networking, data storage, cloud integration, backup and restoration, patching, and more. But did you know that a Managed IT Services provider can offer important security advantages as well?

Read on to learn more about the security advantages of partnering with a Managed IT Services provider:

  1. Make an Assessment: A Managed IT partner will conduct an assessment to identify any weaknesses or security gaps in the system. Ongoing vulnerability checks will make sure computers and devices are running smoothly and will identify any new shortcomings to stay ahead of any security threats.
  2. Monitor and Secure Networks: Many businesses typically have a firewall in place to protect their networks, but in today’s cyber climate, it isn’t enough to keep a business safe. A Managed IT Services partner can provide ongoing monitoring including:
    • Malware Protection – An IT provider can provide the most up-to-date software and security tools to detect or eliminate malware.
    • Endpoint Protection – This means that every access point on a network, including servers, phones, tablets, and laptops, is secured.
    • Real-Time Alerts – Around the clock alerts regarding the health of their hardware and software can give you peace of mind that your business is protected.
  1. Man with security icons. Outsourcing Managed IT concept.Provide Expertise: Too many businesses rely on an IT person who is “good with computers.” No matter how skilled this person may be, they almost certainly won’t have the experience that an IT services partner can offer. Managed IT staff are highly trained and can provide technical expertise and high-quality support.
  2. Provide Backup and Recovery Services: No matter how secure a system is, disasters can happen. Events like power outages to computer crashes can mean lost data and potentially long periods of downtime. An IT provider can provide services to recover lost data quickly and securely. They can also offer cloud storage that not only can improve security but is cost-effective and offers easy accessibility.
  3. Ongoing Email Monitoring: Employees receive hundreds of emails every week. A Managed IT Services provider can employ tools to monitor for suspicious emails including spam filtering, email encryption, and archiving.
  4. Always Available: Hackers work around the clock and so do Managed IT providers. A business needs a professional IT team that can monitor and protect their system 24/7. This means that you can speak with someone immediately when anything suspicious occurs.

When you partner with a Managed IT provider, you’ll have access to everything from malware protection and email monitoring to backup and recovery services. IT providers can offer a company comprehensive service to improve security as well as peace of mind.

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