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Here at hubTGI, as a Managed Services Provider, the pandemic has shown us that our familiar, everyday business environment can change dramatically overnight. As we gradually return to the office or get ready to re-open, the government has mandated procedures like Contact Tracing, for all businesses that have customers or guests entering their facilities.

As restrictions loosen, maintaining safe practices is all of our responsibility to prevent another wave of infections and lockdowns. As a result, we’re proud to introduce hubAI Managed Services along with several new products to help our customers maintain a safe environment for their clients, vendors, and employees.

Our solutions allow you to meet all of your regulatory obligations while maintaining safety and avoiding costly technology investments.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is now the responsibility of all businesses. Our solution allows you to perform contact tracing while maintaining customer privacy using automated processes. Customers that visit your place of business simply scan a unique URL or QR code (provided by us) to register, and then fill out a COVID-19 Health Screening Survey. Our system captures the information and compiles all responses into a daily report that is sent to you along with all records for 30 days, as per Government mandate.

COVID-19 Health Screening

In the midst of COVID-19, all businesses find themselves challenged to collect health status information from employees to remain compliant with constantly evolving regulations. We offer an affordable solution for business compliance with no upfront cost and a simple monthly subscription. hubAI has teamed up with UiPath, a leading Robotic Process Automation company to provide automated COVID-19 health screenings. Our solution is hands-free, automated, and will keep you compliant with all government mandates.

hubAI Managed Services: Process Automation

In today’s office, it seems like our to-do lists just keep growing. Most of this ever-growing list of tasks are repeatable and mundane. With hubAI we can cut down your workload by automating many of those repeatable tasks freeing your time to focus on mission-critical tasks that will grow your business.

Automation speeds up business processes and reduces the possibility of errors, increasing business efficiency. hubAI makes it quick and easy to meet your regulatory burdens for COVID Tracing and Health Screening. Ask us about our free whitepaper, The Way We Work, to learn how the robot revolution can grow your business!

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