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Your business phone system is at the heart of your operation. If you’re thinking about an upgrade, ask yourself some critical questions like – Is this the right time to upgrade? Will it be worth the expense? Am I missing out on functionality if I don’t upgrade?

If you’re on the fence or aren’t sure what to do next, here are some obvious signs that it’s time to upgrade.

Your Old System Has Become Obsolete

It’s getting harder to find the parts and technicians to fix older systems. If you want advanced features like CRM, internal collaboration tools, or new office phones, it might make sense to retire your existing system and upgrade.

You’re Spending Too Much

Is your current phone bill unpredictable? Upgrading your legacy system to new technology like a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP system is a smart move that will lower your cost, significantly. The cost of a legacy system can add up fast if you factor in on-site equipment, new phone lines, licensing, maintenance and technicians. Switching to a cloud-based VoIP system can save you as much as 60% on your phone bill.

Your Existing System Won’t Scale

Is your business growing? Is it getting difficult to add phone lines? If you said yes, it’s probably time to invest in a new phone system. Cloud-based VoIP is easy to scale and you can grow your system as your business needs change. Adding new phones just takes a few mouse clicks, and you can add advanced features that can help you grow your business!

It’s Time to Unify Your Communications

Does your business phone system exist independently from your other business communications? Consider a VoIP solution. VoIP integrates with other business communications including email, chat, text messaging, web audio, and video conferencing. A unified communications solution lets you operate all of your systems and tools from the same software and dashboard. Unified communications streamline your internal and external communications.

If it’s time, why not upgrade to a system that gives you flexibility, scalability, features, and pricing that will support your business as you grow. Ready to learn more? Call hubTGI and let us show you why a VoIP solution is right for you.

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