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The recent climate continues to remind us that a solid IT strategy is critical in today’s connected world. Every day we hear about another data breach or cyberattack. This May, an attack on the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada website affected the personal info of more than 329,000 members.

The compromised data included names, addresses, employer’s names, and emails. Thankfully, sensitive info like passwords and credit card numbers were encrypted. Financial and professional industries are often targeted by cybercriminals, but every industry is vulnerable.

Performing an Assessment

When was the last time you had a Strategy and Risk Assessment to review the current state of your IT? 

There are a host of benefits an assessment will provide, including:

  • Ensuring reduced risks of a breach and confirming the state of your security measures
  • Ensuring compliance and resiliency across your organization
  • Improving your ROI by unlocking business value from your IT
  • Boosting end-user satisfaction through the advantages of new technologies

Schedule an IT Strategy and Risk Assessment with Us

Here at hubTGI, in partnership with Advance2000, a next-generation IT services provider, we offer a comprehensive IT Strategy and Risk Assessment service.

It is a customized experience that is based on your company’s specific IT needs. We perform an expansive analysis across your organization and provide you with our findings in a comprehensive document. Your report will include steps to address vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and achieve optimal performance.

Our IT Strategy and Risk Assessment will:

  • Uncover gaps in technology and security
  • Provide an actionable plan to address any gaps we uncover
  • Identify areas of strength in your current state
  • Assess your infrastructure including applications, processes, data, and hardware
  • Create a custom designed strategic IT plan to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Define your investment 

Identifying and reducing risk is a forward-thinking, proactive approach to ensure resilient IT. Our assessment can help you to eliminate threats to your customers, and protect your reputation and bottom line while eliminating downtime, keeping your business up and running.

With more of us working remotely or splitting our time between home and the office, having a comprehensive IT strategy is more important than ever. Give us a call and ask about scheduling an IT Strategy and Risk Assessment today. Let us show you how we can help you keep your IT infrastructure strong and your data safe in today’s connected world.

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