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With the complexity of today’s technology, your IT team is about more than just support. They’re a key business driver! From managing your cloud computing to cybersecurity, a well-trained IT team is a major business asset that can help your company to grow and thrive.

However, managing IT is one of the biggest challenges facing business professionals today. We’ve identified some of the most significant hurdles:

• Connecting Remote Workers

As more employees work from home, making sure they are connected seamlessly continues to be a challenge. Many businesses are struggling to find ways to improve virtual communication and collaboration for the long term.

• Cybersecurity

Real-time monitoring of all critical network infrastructure and devices is critical as businesses cannot afford the physical and reputational damage that a data breach or system crash could cause. As the threat landscape is always changing it takes constant training to stay up to date on how to protect systems against the latest attacks.

• Workload

Many IT staff in small to medium-sized businesses are already overburdened. Short staffed IT teams are frequently pulled away from their core responsibilities to handle mundane tasks leading to added workload and burnout. Time for training is limited or non-existent.

• Hiring Challenges

There’s a shortage of experienced applicants and IT decision-makers are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill vacant or emerging job roles. The Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report uncovered that IT skills gaps are at an all-time high—directly impacting 79% of global IT departments.

• Cloud Computing

Many businesses have migrated to the cloud – but haven’t considered the impact this will have on their staff. New and different cloud computing-centric skills are now necessary and many companies just don’t know how to address the changes in skill set or how to hire to fill these gaps in expertise and experience.

• Project Management

It takes strategic thinking to align IT projects with organizational goals. A good project manager can keep everything on track so deadlines are met, resources are allocated and leadership is kept up to date. Without proper management, IT projects can lack direction which increases risk.

These challenges can be tough for any business. But, if you have a small IT department, or have a single IT Manager, it can be downright overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. 

At hubTGI, our expert team will focus on your company’s IT needs 24/7/365 freeing your time and energy to focus on what’s important… running your business. Give us a call today and ask us about an IT Strategy & Risk assessment.

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