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Over the last several years technology has allowed businesses of all sizes to take advantage of cloud based services. Cloud technology allows applications and data to be stored and accessible from different devices in multiple locations.  Many businesses are familiar with public cloud services, but private clouds can deliver an advantage that some may not realize.

Public clouds allow applications and data to be shared by multiple parties.  Private clouds are created for a single organization, highly secure and only allow those with specific permissions to access them.

Some advantages of private cloud services include:

  • Mobility – You can access the private cloud from any location as long as there is adequate Internet access.  This unlimited access to data and servers allows employees to work seamlessly from remote locations.
  • Continuity – Reliable private cloud services providers can implement solid disaster recovery and failover processes so that you can have confidence your information will be available whenever you need it.  Backups and recovery operations can be included as part of a cloud services agreement.
  • Proactive Monitoring – A private cloud service provider can make sure your environment is performing at expected levels and allow scalable options, so if more disk space or processing power is needed it is quickly available.
  • Support – A good cloud service partner will be available 24/7 to help users get connected and resolve any issues.  This can help you save money instead of hiring additional IT help desk resources.
  • Device Management – Most private cloud service applications can be used by tablets, laptops, desktops or even smartphones.  This reduces the investment and overhead for loading and managing software specifically for those devices.

Small, medium and large businesses can create an advantage when they partner with a reliable private cloud services provider.

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