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Look out for these hidden costs in your print environment:

  1. Hardware – Buying the wrong printer can quickly drive up your costs. Printers that are not able to manage the workload, are not reliable or use expensive consumables will have you consistently paying more. While it’s tempting to buy the least expensive printer you can find, investing in a quality printer saves money in the long run.
  2. Supplies – Managing your money means managing your supplies. Toner should be purchased as necessary and stored properly to maximize its lifespan. All supplies should be inventoried and stored securely.
  3. Inappropriate default settings – While the print default for many users is single-sided and colour, this can drive up your costs over time. Many documents can be printed in black and white and double-sided. Employees should be encouraged to make this their default and only change settings when absolutely necessary.
  4. Support – Many IT departments don’t have the time or the expertise to repair printers. Setting up self-help protocols to fix common problems can reduce the need for expensive repairs, while enlisting the help of a provider can provide affordable support whenever help is needed.
  5. Lack of consolidation – The more machines you have, the more you’ll spend on consumables and repairs. Switching to all-in-one devices may help save your company money and sticking with one manufacturer simplifies installation and usage, while reducing your repair and support costs.
  6. Energy – Old, inefficient machines will drive up your electric bill. Choosing Energy Star-rated devices and keeping infrequently used devices turned off can help save you money.

If the task of managing your print environment seems overwhelming, a Managed Print Services provider can help you take control of your office printing costs and design a cost-efficient print environment for your office.


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