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Everything we do has changed, from how and where we shop, to how we entertain ourselves, how we learn, and how we work. This is the proverbial “new normal” as uncertainty has changed how we live our lives at least for the foreseeable future.

Work today is something we do and no longer somewhere we go. It’s something that we need to be able to do from anywhere. That means that remote workers need to have access to video conferencing, cloud-based VoIP, and team messaging to collaborate and keep in contact with colleagues and clients.

A Unified Communications (UC) solution gives your team a myriad of communication options. Because the UC platform integrates multiple communications features into a single interface, users can move seamlessly within the environment. In these challenging times, a unified communications solution is critical for your business success.

Here are five key benefits of a UC solution:

1. UC is Efficient and Manageable

A true UC solution provides you with a single integrated platform for all of your mobile devices, desktop and laptop computers, and your entire team. It integrates everything into a single phone number that works across all devices.

2. It’s a Secure Solution

UC turns audio into digital data. All of your calls are made through an encrypted connection increasing security for your business communications.

3. Lower Costs and Easy to Scale (Up or Down)

A cloud-based UC platform can start at a price and size that works for your business. Customizing and adding features is easy and allows you to build a system that is perfectly suited for your business. 

4. It Saves Time

Beyond saving money, a UC platform will save time. Since all devices are connected across the network calls can be answered or transferred to any connected hardware, anywhere. This creates much faster response times and helps you to deliver better customer service and build your brand.

5. Improved Collaboration

UC platforms allow you to host a video, web, or teleconference anywhere, at any time. It doesn’t matter where they are, your team can share ideas in real-time. 

Transitioning your team to a remote set-up doesn’t have to be difficult. With a Unified Communication solution, your teams can replicate the in-person office experience, while working from home. Collaborate, communicate, and reap all of the positive benefits that come with a flexible work arrangement.

Contact us today and let us show you how a Unified Communications solution can benefit your business.

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  • John Eric says:

    Great post. Communication is key for success in business as your success relies on your customers being able to access your staff for immediate attention at every moment. Unified Communications systems are designed to be user-centric, enabling employees to access all the communication tools and information they need with just a couple of clicks. With Totalconnect UC Solutions, you can make sure that all your sensitive data stays safely in high availability data centers located on the Canadian soil.

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