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In the past couple of years, Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP has grown increasingly popular for business communications. This new popularity has given rise to a bit of confusion and some common misconceptions about what VoIP is, and does.

Here are some of the questions we’re frequently asked about VoIP, along with our answers.

Question: Can you explain what VoIP is exactly?

Answer: Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to access phone services online. Calls are no longer bound to old traditional wire phone lines. VoIP offers more functionality at a lower cost for businesses.

Question: How do you make or receive a VoIP call?

Answer: With a phone-based service, you answer the phone just like a landline to make or receive a call. On a mobile device, you can use an app to connect. With a computer-based service, you can use a softphone with a headset and microphone.

Question: Can I call any phone or only other VoIP phones?

Answer: Most service providers allow you to call any number, anywhere in the world – whether it’s local, mobile, long-distance, or international. However, check your provider agreement. Some computer-based providers limit you to only calling other subscribers to the service. This is known as a user-to-user service. 

Question: How is the voice quality?

Answer: VoIP’s clarity and call quality have dramatically improved in recent years. Currently, quality is at or above landline phone quality. Clarity can vary and depends on the speed and quality of your broadband.

Question: What are some features that come with hosted VoIP?

Answer: VoIP providers offer a range of features covered by a monthly fee. hubTGI offers an immersive communication platform for telephone systems, conference rooms, voicemail, video conferencing, chat, document sharing, mobile app, and productivity tracking with unlimited use for one fixed price per month to keep you connected.

Question: Can I keep my number?

Answer: Most providers allow portability so you can keep the same number you had with your traditional phone provider. Some providers do charge for this service, so be sure to check.

Question: How secure are VoIP calls?

Answer: VoIP security breaches are rare. Encryption for VoIP subscribers has laid many VoIP security questions to rest.

Are you thinking about switching to VoIP for your business or remote team? Let us show you how our private cloud telephony solutions can take your business communications and team productivity to the next level. Call your hubTGI rep today! 

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