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One thing is certain; we have dramatically changed the way that we work. Remote working has become common – and the trend doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. In fact, a recent Statistics Canada survey found that nearly 25 percent of Canadian businesses expect that 10 percent or more of their workforce will continue remote work post-pandemic. 

Enter VoIP 

Voice Over Internet Protocol has made working from anywhere possible. VoIP uses the Internet to place and receive calls, rather than a traditional landline. Using VoIP, your voice is turned into data packets, which are then transmitted across an IP network and converted back into audio when it reaches the receiver.  This means that your phone system is no longer limited to hardware, VoIP can be used as an application on your computer, mobile device or tablet. 

Many businesses have an outdated phone system that is failing to meet their needs while VoIP has been a game-changer for today’s workforce. VoIP not only helps businesses maintain continuity when their team is out of the office, it helps remote workers to be more connected than ever. And in today’s business climate, it’s been a lifesaver!

The VoIP market is projected to grow up to $55 billion by 2025 –

Staying Connected…

VoIP offers businesses and remote workers several benefits that can improve efficiency and productivity while keeping businesses up and running. They include:

• Innovative Call Handling – With VoIP, you’ll have all of the traditional bells and whistles like hold, call transfer, or forwarding to voicemail, plus some more innovative features. For example, if someone has multiple devices, you can set-up VoIP to call them, all at once or one by one, until they answer. You’ll never miss a call again!

• Conference Calling – Most hosted VoIP plans include conference calling. Because they’re online, conference calls can be audio, video, or both. Calls can be converted into three-way calls or multi-participant meetings. Conference calling makes collaboration easier.

• Advanced Voicemail – VoIP voicemail is much more sophisticated than traditional voicemail. Set-up voicemail to be sent directly to your inbox, along with a copy of the original audio. Some providers automatically transcribe the content, so you don’t have to listen in a noisy environment. Reply from your inbox, or use an app on your laptop to return calls.

VoIP calling makes working from home efficient and productive for millions of workers worldwide! If you’re considering adding a VoIP system to your business, and need help choosing and setting up a VoIP solution to meet your needs, call today! Let us show you the benefits of VoIP for your business.

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