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Thanks to COVID-19, business and the global economy have changed in dramatic ways. We’ve all been forced to consider a different type of future as we reset our business approach, not only because of the coronavirus but because technological advances demand it.

Here are five of the top “must-haves” for businesses as we turn the corner to 2021.

1. The Cloud and Security

Today, data and its effective management are critical to business operations. Data enables people to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. COVID has shown us all that businesses need to use platforms that allow data to be easily, safely, and securely accessed and shared. This starts with digitization and workflow automation. In a world where the new normal is increasingly dynamic, the cloud is key.

Cloud adoption is set to rise 15-20% in the next six months. – IDC

2. Digital Transformation

In November 2019, a Forbes article suggested that 70% of organizations had a digital transformation strategy in place. Ironically, 2020 arrived and the pandemic showed that those numbers were far from reality, especially as companies struggled to pivot to remote work. Because of this, digital transformation should see be considered a core business objective in 2021.

3. Rethinking Management of Individuals and Teams

It’s not just about technology. As remote work becomes the new normal and increasingly dynamic, businesses must rethink how they define employee performance. Businesses need to move to a more “outcome-oriented” model and let employees achieve results in a personally efficient way. Managing teams with a focus on outcomes can result in new alignments.

Employee satisfaction is about more than technology. It’s also about culture, engagement, and the way we lead teams.

4. Be Smart About Technology and Partnering

The easiest “must-have” to achieve is being smart about the technology you choose and who you partner with. Choosing the right partner to work with is crucial for leveraging the expertise you need to grow.

5. Unified Communications

Work from home will evolve into “work from anywhere” and making sure your business is connected will becoming increasingly important.  A Unified Communications strategy encompasses chat messaging, VoIP telephony, video conferencing, desktop and data sharing, and e-mail or SMS messaging.  Being able to communicate with colleagues and clients using these tools will give your business an edge on the competition.

Are you ready for the challenges 2021 will bring? Call one of our experts to learn how we can help you navigate the new normal. 

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