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It’s time to wrap up the year, tie up loose ends and plan for the coming year. You’re busy analyzing sales, reviewing your marketing plans, assigning budgets, and looking at the tax benefits of booking expenses this year versus next.

As you look towards the new year, have you thought about your print environment? Does it meet your needs? Are you struggling with outdated technology? As we wind down 2022, now is the perfect time to get your print environment in shape for the coming year.

Here’s why:

Better Efficiency

The capabilities of today’s office equipment is far more advanced than it was even five years ago! Purchasing or leasing a new printer or copier for your fleet is ultimately going to boost your profits and result in fewer lost working hours in the new year.

New Features

Many newer printers and MFPs can connect to your mobile devices so you can print from anywhere. They have access to apps that allow you to translate documents into different languages, convert hard copy documents to audio files, print or scan to cloud-based services such as Dropbox, Office 365 or Google Drive and more!

Increased Security

Safety and security should always be top of mind for every business. Newer equipment comes with advanced security features like user authentication, access control and encryption that better secures your data and lessens the risk of a security breach.

Group of young business people working and communicating together and using office technology.

Changing Business Needs

Did your business grow this year? Are there plans to scale back, or transition to a hybrid workforce in 2023? If your business is changing, chances are you need office equipment that will fit your new way of doing business.

Tax Benefits

Spending money on needed hardware, software, and other supplies can help you to maximize your tax deductions in 2022. As you look toward closing out the year, making final purchases before the year’s end is a smart business move. Buying now before the end of the fiscal year can help to lower your tax liability and set you up for greater success in the new year!

The Bottom Line…

December is the perfect time to update your office technology and your print environment. When you upgrade, you’ll be prepared to start the new year ready to face whatever printing challenges come your way!

Contact your hubTGI Office Technology Specialist to learn more. Let us help you choose the perfect office equipment to meet your unique needs and budget!

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hubTGI is a Canadian-owned Managed Services provider that offers Print Services, Workflow Solutions, Managed IT, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloud Services and VoIP to help their customers control costs, secure their data and make their people more productive. 

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