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Data Security & Consulting Services

Data Security Toronto

Concerned about internal and external threats?

You should be. Just one data breach can damage your business, your reputation and your customers. We help clients across Canada by implementing a comprehensive security strategy to protect their hardcopy and digital data from threats – your data may be more vulnerable than you think.

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Common Challenges

  • Your Customers are Inquiring
  • Unsure of Where and When to Budget for Security Enhancements
  • New Industry Regulations
  • No Security Strategy for Print Environment
  • Threat Detection / Preventing Phishing Emails or Ransomware
  • Difficultly Controlling User Access to Sensitive Data

Popular Solutions

  • Strategy & Risk Assessment
  • Consultative Cloud Assessment
  • Measured Print Policy Assessment
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Operational Expense Consultation
  • Workflow Optimization Consultation

Business Outcomes

  • Customer Confidence
  • Increased Win Rate & Customer Retention
  • Risk Mitigation (Data Loss/Breach/Ransom)
  • Print Related Expense Reduction
  • Security of Intellectual Data/Property
  • Threat Detection, Monitoring & Prevention
  • Predictable Budgeting
Data Security Toronto

Our comprehensive data security strategy includes:

  1. Employee Awareness Training
    • Can employees recognize a security threat?
  2. Threat Detection & Prevention
    • How would you know your data is being compromised?
  3. Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Can you recover from a cyber-attack?

hubTGI is different than your average computer repair or IT provider.  Where many providers simply sell and install antivirus software and firewalls, we recognize that today’s threats require a comprehensive, security-focused approach. At hubTGI, we identify and manage the causes of most data breaches, so we can mitigate the risks affecting Canadian businesses. Our strategic approach includes hardcopy and digital data to provide your organization with proactive measures to monitor, detect and recover in an ever-changing threat landscape.

There’s a better way to prevent a data security breach.

Let hubTGI show you how.

We’ll remove the guesswork and provide you with a solution that makes sense.