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control office print activity, for example, who’s printing, how much are they printing and are they printing in black and white, or scarily expensive colour!

Some Scary Facts!

Controlling your office print environment can be not only eye opening, it can save you considerable money and time. Here are just three areas of concern when it comes to your print environment.

• 37 – 41% of print related expenses often circumvent formal procurement approval. You might have purchased your latest printer for a great price at that big box store, but those printers require expensive consumables. Are your employees hiding those costs in departmental budgets?

• Uncontrolled access = uncontrolled spending! Every person in your office with access to a printer makes a buying decision every time they print a document. Colour pages can cost as much as $1.00 each depending upon your printer’s coverage and toner cost. That’s like having a gas pump in the parking lot and managing gas consumption on the honour system, while you foot the bill!

• 60 – 80% of used ink and toner cartridges go directly in the trash! Few offices have a formal recycling program or process in place for used cartridges. They often end up in landfills where it can take a laser cartridge over 1,000 years to fully decompose.

Controlling office print environments isn’t frighteningly difficult! By simply addressing these three areas, you can save not only considerable time and money, you can also contribute to saving the planet and increasing your company’s sustainability!

The best way to get started is to contact us for a complimentary office print assessment. Our exclusive print assessment will help you to figure out how much printing your end-users are doing and how much you’re actually spending on print. Print assessments are not only quick, they’re easy, and not at all frightening!

To find out how much you could save by implementing a Managed Print solution in your business, click here or contact us today for a no obligation office print assessment.

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