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Seems like everyone is talking about “the cloud,” but few people outside the IT universe are really prepared to tell you just what that means.

Happily, for such a sophisticated technology, cloud computing is relatively easy to understand – it’s functionally a common third-party location where multiple users can access, share and store their vital data. Think of it as a filing cabinet you can access any time – but one that takes up space in someone else’s corner.

Here’s a little tip about using the cloud – you’re probably already doing it. If you’ve ever used Dropbox to store or send a vacation photo, attended a meeting via Cisco WebEx, used Survey Monkey to garner some customer feedback or shared documents in MS Office 365 … you’ve been cloud computing.

And when it comes to managed print services (MPS), it’s cloud computing that enables employees to enjoy remote printing from wherever they happen to be; scan-save-and-send documents all from one simple set of commands, and even notify an MPS partner when paper or toner runs low, or maintenance is needed.

In terms of saving cost-per-page and fostering a better workflow, MPS cloud solutions help you “retire” your often outdated fleet of separate printers, copiers and scanners – and replace them with a multifunction printer (MFP) that delivers a one-stop source of document management.

Cloud plus print No matter how wireless your office goes, print will likely always be a part of your business process. Associates, vendors, employees and customers do expect some hard copies for their files. But integrating the cloud into your print documentation infrastructure can start delivering cost and productivity benefits right away.

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