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5 Ways to Print More Securely | Hub Technology Group, Toronto

5 Ways to Print More Securely

Is your network secure? The answer may hinge on another question – are your printers secure? Many companies understand the importance of securing their network, but overlook their printers. Today’s printers don’t just print. These networked devices print, scan, fax and perform other tasks that have them processing and storing your sensitive information. If your…

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Protect Your Business Against These Common Data Threats

You don’t have to look far to find news stories about companies that have been hacked. Large-scale attacks are driving companies to protect their business from these cyber-crimes. However, not all data loss is the result of a high-tech attack. Remember to protect your business from the low-tech situations that can be just as harmful.…

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Why SMBs Need to Protect Their Data hubTGI Toronto

Why SMBs Need to Protect Their Data

Many small companies believe that because of their size, their data is not at risk. They think hackers are only interested in big corporations, banks and insurance companies. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. The truth is every business big or small has data that is valuable to criminals like employee information, customer data and more. In fact,…

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