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A print policy is a simple set of rules and expectations for your team. In its most basic form, it outlines print procedures for usage; for example, black and white versus colour print, one-sided versus two-sided printing and personal use rules.

Introducing controls is easy and can immediately cut costs. To begin developing your own print policy, ask and answer these six simple questions:

  1.  How many prints does each department really need? Some areas of your company will need to print more than others. For example, Finance may need hard copies of contracts and invoices, while Sales can accomplish much of their work using software tools.
  2.  Who has access? Colour printing can be expensive. Your Marketing department may need it to produce collateral like brochures for your sales team, but Accounting can probably get by with simple black and white.
  3.  What are your device default settings? A simple step like defaulting office printers to two-sided prints can immediately cut your paper consumption by up to 50%!
  4.  How do you replace hardware? Do you have a procurement policy? A purchase policy for replacing old technology can reduce random purchases that may not fit with your IT goals.
  5.  How do you service your printers? Having a clear troubleshooting policy for common printer issues, such as how to handle a paper jam, can reduce service calls. It also reduces downtime and can keep your print environment running smoothly.
  6.  How do you communicate policies with your staff? As part of your formal policy make a play for communicating with staff. Don’t just post a memo in the staff room that no one will read. Weekly emails with usage and security tips is more effective!

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