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Women have been historically underrepresented in the tech industry, and this is particularly true for IT. This gap is even more significant when it comes to leadership positions, where women are even less represented. However, there are women making significant contributions to the industry like Tia Ghazali, Sales Manager at hubTGI. We asked Tia how she’s helping her team stay current with emerging trends and what kinds of projects she’s working on.

Tia’s Response: At hub, we’ve got a set schedule for training that happens about three times a month. Those sessions are scheduled well in advance, but there’s always room for change in adding additional topics depending on what’s happening in the industry and environment; beyond that, whenever there’s a new article or press release. We always share the latest knowledge internally to ensure that we are always ready to go. We also do our best to transfer that knowledge to our clients, so they are aware of what’s going on within the industry and what changes they should make to ensure that they’re also competing at the top of their game. We make sure that we’re educating ourselves and make sure that our clients also receive that same level of knowledge as well.

Through our partnership with Advanced 2000 on the IT side, we have training capabilities for our clients. For example, we have an environment where we can test their employees to ensure that they know what a phishing email looks like, and if they respond to it, it’s within a safe, secure, sandbox environment. It’s a good test to ensure that employees know how to react to certain emails and be able to identify whether it’s a legitimate email concern or whether it’s a phishing or a ransomware attack.

What types of projects are you leading?


Tia’s Response: Currently there’s a whole host of projects and implementation of different projects that I’m helping some of our clients take on. The largest ones that are taking a lot of our focus right now are digital transformation and cybersecurity. When COVID happened in 2020 decades of transformation occurred within a few short months as employees needed access to critical pieces of data to accomplish their jobs remotely. Fast forward to 2023, and that trend is still continuing in the same direction coupled with the volatile job market and the need to be able to access accurate, current information to make informed business decisions. This has no longer become a luxury for organizations, but a necessary requirement for them to do their jobs accurately. We’ve been helping our clients map out strong digital transformation initiatives to help empower their employees, optimize their operations, and help engage their customers with meaningful impact.

Coupled with the transition to more digital and more online information and work, it’s really become important for our clients to have strong cybersecurity strategies in place. We’re becoming more and more reliant on technology, and cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, so you’re not able to trust traditional security protocols anymore to keep hackers at bay. With that trend of organizations moving their sensitive and valuable data onto their networks, we’ve been focused on ensuring our clients have strong cybersecurity compliances in place, as well as the infrastructure to protect them from hackers and keep their data and employees secure.

About hubTGI

hubTGI is a Canadian-owned Managed Services provider that offers Print Services, Workflow Solutions, Managed IT, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloud Services and VoIP to help their customers control costs, secure their data and make their people more productive. 

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