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Paper Problems – A recent survey found that 46% of SMBs say paper processes waste a lot of time every day. If your team spends hours searching for important missing paper, it’s time to go digital. Using devices like Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs you can scan and digitize documents making them easily searchable, and you’ll save time in the process.

Digital Disorganization – Just because you’ve transitioned to digital doesn’t mean your data is organized. Be consistent when storing data. Create a naming standard and folder system. Xerox Web Capture Service automates the process, scanning documents directly into web apps like Quickbooks online, Microsoft Office and Google apps.

Pointless Meetings – Unnecessary meetings can be big time wasters, Assess your meetings for the week and determine if you really need to attend. If you call a meeting, try holding it while standing up – not only will your meeting be shorter (reducing meeting time by 34% on average) you’ll realize some health benefits too!

Online Distractions – Social media is a part of every business’ marketing plan today. That means you have to be on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook every day. It’s easy to get sucked in, so when you need to set limits, use a tool like Freedom or StayFocused to block problematic websites for any length of time you choose.

Examine how you spend your time and you’ll find plenty of areas you can improve. Start with these five tips. They will help you add productive time to every day!

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