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To start the conversation around workflow automation and modernized document management, it could be helpful to think back to how these processes used to be done. Back when every single worker was in the office, every document was printed and files upon files were stored in the back of the office. So many things have changed since then, however, certain manual workflows seem to be stuck in the past. In this blog, we will be walking you through the benefits of Digital Transformation and the different forms that it can take.

Office processes have come a long way with emails, different SaaS platforms and digital files becoming critical parts of our everyday work life. So why is it that so many businesses still struggle to effectively manage their documents and improve upon manual processes?

Revolutionizing Workflows with Digital Solutions

At hubTGI, we have multiple partners that have specialized specifically in taking a consultative approach with our clients to find the right solution and increase productivity across the office. As a gateway into digital transformation strategies, start by reviewing some common features that are leveraged to bring automation to small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Data Capture from Physical and Digital Documents
  • Intelligent and Secure Document Storage to Create Centralized Access and Quick Retrieval
  • Integration With Your Key Business Platforms
  • Automated Digital Signature
  • Workflow Automation for Quicker Approvals and Response Times
  • Integrated E-forms to Kick off Workflows and Capture Data
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Keeping the features above in mind, here are some key questions to consider if you are beginning your digital transformation journey.

How can you assess which processes can be automated and which cannot?

The best way to think about Digital Transformation is to think about the tasks that you have to complete every day that are cumbersome, manual and low value. If you have a task that encapsulates some of the features outlined above, these are likely processes that could be automated. Additionally, if you can think of rules-based processes, these are low-hanging fruit for automation. Thinking through an “if this, then that” logic can be extremely helpful in evaluating whether a task can be automated or if it has to stay manual.

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How can you improve your current document management strategy?

There are a lot of different strategies out there today, some have an office filled with bankers boxes, some outsource their physical paper storage to outside vendors and some have siloed databases which can make collaboration difficult. Shifting to an automated document management strategy means being able to have a central location for all of your critical business documents. It also means that all these documents can be indexed with Optical Character Recognition and Artificial Intelligence so that you can simply search by a keyword to retrieve these documents. With rule-based naming and filing conventions, this strategy can also enhance productivity through organization and easy visibility.

Why look into Digital Transformation at your office?

Digital Transformation has been a hot topic across many organizations in the GTA as SaaS Platforms and Automation become more attainable to all businesses. However, clients have different reasons why they start this journey:

  • Staying competitive in the market
  • Labour shortages have made filling roles difficult
  • A general strategy toward lean and efficient processes

On average, 30 hours a month per employee are lost due to a lack of automated tasks (*WorkMarket Report 2020 In(Sight) What AI & Automation Really Mean For Work.) – imagine how your company could benefit from this return on time. As companies begin to realize the power of these platforms, they begin to realize that by freeing up time in their day, their employees can focus on tasks only humans can do to maximize productivity and drive results.

Now is the perfect time to learn more about these platforms and understand how your company can benefit. Start your Digital Transformation journey today and take control of your workflows.

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