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Organizations of all sizes who are looking for ways to trim expenses and increase profits, can benefit from partnering with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. When you consider that few businesses know how much they spend on printing each month, it’s easy to see how waste can occur. After a comprehensive assessment of your print environment, an MPS provider will provide you with leading-edge solutions and strategies to help streamline document processes, save you money, and realize a number of other lesser known benefits, including those listed below.

  1. Increased Productivity – In an unmanaged print environment, one or more individuals may be designated to shoulder the responsibilities associated with the purchase, maintenance, and repair of all printers and supplies. Without the proper training, issues that arise may be handled incorrectly or inefficiently, resulting in excessive downtime and lost productivity. Managed Print Services help to relieve the burden of print management from key employees whose time is better spent focusing on their core responsibilities, while ensuring the timely completion of maintenance and repairs, and stocking of consumables.
  1. Consolidated Spending  – In an environment where individuals or departments purchase their own print equipment on an as-needed basis, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Inefficient printers, excess inventory, and inappropriate print equipment can wreak havoc on your budget, but an MPS provider  can help by right sizing your printer fleet and taking advantage of volume discounts for purchasing. By knowing your true cost of printing, it’s much easier to plan for future expenses and upgrades, and regain control of your budget.
  1. Reduced Environmental Impact – Environmental awareness has changed the face of business, as organizations strive to do their part to reduce waste and save energy.  An MPS provider can help you achieve your goal of environmental sustainability by implementing a number of key strategies designed to reduce waste, including:
  • Upgrading old, inefficient print equipment to new feature-rich, energy saving printers
  • Right sizing print equipment and routing of jobs to the most efficient printer
  • User authentication by passcode or passkey to prevent jobs left unclaimed at the printer
  • Recycling of used print cartridges
  • Ongoing education and awareness for employees

Cost savings are just one of a number of benefits you can experience by partnering with Managed Print Services. Contact us today to learn more!

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