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In today’s business market, digital transformation is the key to surviving and thriving. Automating processes by transitioning manual, paper-based processes to digital workflows allows companies to remain productive, agile, and relevant in an increasingly competitive environment. Whether its hospitals investing in telehealth, or your company switching to digital payroll, technology and digitization are instrumental to every business’s success!

Here are five ways to digitally transform your company in the coming year.

1. Upgrading IT Infrastructure: Make innovation a goal by taking risks and testing new approaches to support your company’s strategic objectives. IT tools used to manage infrastructure are often isolated. Today, they need to work together to respond to new opportunities. Implementing a robotic process automation solution can save time and resources while enhancing efficiencies.

2. Cybersecurity: In 2023, cybersecurity must be a priority for every business, regardless of size or industry. To protect ROI, reputations, and customers, businesses must have a solid cybersecurity strategy operating before transformation can occur. A Managed Security expert can help identify and outline where your organization may be at risk and offer solutions.

Identifying where new technologies will be integrated within your existing infrastructure and using advanced monitoring solutions like converged security information, event management, and user behavioral analytics, a Managed Security Services provider can ensure your digital transformation proceeds smoothly.

3. Workflows: Automating workflows can bridge the gap, break down silos, and promote collaboration. By digitizing and automating functions like document management, data entry, and financial processes, you can save hundreds of man-hours, reduce waste, and save money.


4. Communication: Not long ago, digitally transforming your company’s communications might have meant creating a mobile app for customers or adopting an online chat program. In 2023, communications are no longer about migrating to these kinds of digital solutions. Today it is about integrating technological tools into your environment and leveraging their extensive capabilities.

5. Print Environment: Printers, scanners, and copiers contribute to your company’s digital transformation. Gathering data about how you use them can help you gain insights into how you can reduce costs, improve productivity, and operate more sustainably. A Managed Print Services provider can help by providing insight into document workflows, user behaviour, and risk across your entire organization. They use sophisticated software to monitor and capture different types of data, from user information and documents to security and efficiency to ensure that the proper data gets captured, monitored, measured, and reported.

Digital transformation allows you to modernize legacy processes, create more efficient workflows, increase profitability, and strengthen security. Are you ready to learn more about digital transformation and how it can help you grow your business? Give a hubTGI rep a call today!

About hubTGI

hubTGI is a Canadian-owned Managed Services provider that offers Print Services, Workflow Solutions, Managed IT, Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloud Services and VoIP to help their customers control costs, secure their data and make their people more productive.

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