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Technology like the cloud has removed many of the obstacles to effective collaboration in today’s workplace. In fact, the exponential evolution of information and communication technologies means that collaborative technologies like the cloud and video conferencing have enabled new work practices, and greater mobility.

Here are five considerations for using collaborative technology in the workplace.

1. Develop Collaborative, Transparent Processes

To be effective, it’s important to develop transparent processes that use and display current information using a common language. This includes the development of workplace productivity measures to ensure that your workplace is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2. Create Seamless Organization Across Departments

With all departments in mind, it is key to create a seamless collaborative environment that will provide similar workplace experiences, both virtually and physically, so employees can function efficiently whether at the office, at home, or on the road.

3. Work to Establish and Examine the Effects of New Technology

It’s critical to examine how new technologies will affect the business. Providers need to work closely with customers to examine how the introduction of new technologies will affect workflows, processes, and service offerings.

4. Facilitate Innovation and Provide Supplemental Resources

New technology requires training and support. By providing supplemental resources and supporting the upgrade of internal skills you’ll improve workplace quality, efficiency and innovation.

5. Consider Security

The challenge as more workers collaborate online is developing a robust security solution for future workflows. As more online, real-time collaboration and remote work becomes the norm, security will become a dominant consideration when developing online/internal networks and workflows.

Today, the workplace and the way we work is changing faster than ever before. Technology is streamlining workflows, changing the way we collaborate, and where we work. Here at hubTGI we design Managed Print and Managed IT solutions that can help you grow your business while adapting to a changing technological landscape.

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