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Proven Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity in 2020 | hubTGI, Toronto, ON

Proven Strategies for Increasing Employee Productivity in 2020

The most important factor in operating a successful business is employee productivity. When everything is running smoothly, we often take it for granted. But when there’s a problem, like a bottleneck at the printer, and operations ground to a halt, we sit up and take notice. So how can you ensure that productivity remains high? Here…

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5 Ways to Print More Securely | Hub Technology Group, Toronto

5 Ways to Print More Securely

Is your network secure? The answer may hinge on another question – are your printers secure? Many companies understand the importance of securing their network, but overlook their printers. Today’s printers don’t just print. These networked devices print, scan, fax and perform other tasks that have them processing and storing your sensitive information. If your…

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Manual vs Digital Invoicing | Hub Technology Group

Manual vs Digital Invoicing

Technology has brought automation to many business processes, including invoicing. Digital invoicing workflows can help to ensure prompt billing for your customers and predictable cash flow for your business. The Benefits of Digital Workflows Digital workflows can streamline your invoicing process by automating data entry and repetitive tasks. As a result, you’ll enjoy: Increased Productivity –Automating…

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The Benefits of Document Management | hubTGI Technology

The Benefits of Document Management

Many businesses still rely on paper on a daily basis. According to a recent survey by Xerox, close to 40% of all business processes are still document driven. But paper-driven processes can slow down even the smallest business resulting in lost time, money and potentially even customers.  In order to ensure the security and accessibility…

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Using ConnectKey Apps in Your Small Business | Hub Technology Group

Using ConnectKey Apps in Your Small Business

Apps have completely changed the way we live and how we interact with the world. From helping us to find a restaurant, to managing our banking, delivering movies and TV shows to the palm of our hand, and connecting us with family and friends. If you look hard enough, you’ll find an app for that!…

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Consider These Factors When Seeking Managed Print Services

Are you considering Managed Print Services for your business, but not quite sure what constitutes a good MPS offering, or how to go about choosing the best provider? An MPS provider should help you to define your needs while working with you to reduce the number of documents you print, reduce the time your team…

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Ask Your Cloud Provider These Important Questions

When transitioning your business to the cloud, choosing the right cloud provider is critical. If you’re shopping around, it’s important to understand security practices, data privacy, and the operational capabilities of each provider. Ask yourself, what features and benefits will guarantee that you have a successful partnership with your provider. Be sure to do your…

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Millennials Employees Will Benefit Your Business in a Big Way | Hub Technology Group

Millennial Employees Will Benefit Your Business in a Big Way

Millennials have gotten a bad reputation in the workforce. Seen as distracted and job-hopping, many companies are hesitating to hire these workers, even though they are the largest generation alive today. However, by taking advantage of their unique skills, hiring millennials can help your company grow. Digital Natives Millennials are generally defined as being born…

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How to Spot a Phishing Scam

You probably open hundreds of emails every day, and don’t really consider that they could be malicious. Phishing scams are one of the most common methods hackers use to gain access to a network, taking advantage of the widespread use of email. Here are some ways you can spot a phishing scam: Wrong email address…

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Explore the Hidden Benefits of MPS, Hub Technology Group

Explore the Hidden Benefits of MPS

Organizations of all sizes who are looking for ways to trim expenses and increase profits, can benefit from partnering with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. When you consider that few businesses know how much they spend on printing each month, it’s easy to see how waste can occur. After a comprehensive assessment of your print…

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