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Digital Transformation (DX) on a high-level is the method of future proofing your organization by leveraging technology to improve processes to enable the least amount of human involvement in your business processes. This allows management to make more informed decisions by being able to view data across siloed business systems.

The Two Sides of DX and How We Can Help

At hubTGI we can design a solution that supports both sides of DX. Capturing important contextual data off a document in any format, scanned from a Xerox device, PDF or picture format, and document management.

This two-sides-of-the-coin approach we help our clients to implement brings with it improved productivity and helps your team to be more efficient and more effective. HubTGI can help you with:

• Workflow Automation

• eForms and eSignatures

• Advanced Storage Solutions

• Document Management (Including Archival and Retrieval with Metadata) 

• Advanced File Encryption

We accomplish this by leveraging the following technologies:

• Intelligent Process Automation Platforms (IPA)

• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

• Machine Learning (ML)

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

• Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platforms

Transform Your Business with An Intelligent Process Automation Platform

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) can help you refine your business processes by eliminating mundane manual tasks like data entry and validation. Our solution is vendor agnostic. That means we can communicate with other informational databases like ERP and CRM systems. Removing manual processes like data entry and automating tasks can help your team thrive. Plus, it removes human error from the document process and communicates with other users and systems in your organization. 

Accounts Payable Automation

IPA uses character recognition and artificial intelligence to grab data off of an invoice including vendor name, date, PO/invoice number, amounts, taxes, and more. Captured metadata is then compared and validated against data in an ERP. Once validated the data is entered into the system.

Document Management

Enterprise Content Management is the digital transformation of the file room. ECM solutions support automation that mimics a document’s lifecycle in the digital world rather than being printed. It supports advanced security features like permissions – who can see what information, audit reports to see who opens, edits or prints a document, and advanced encryption. 

Here at hubTGI, we understand the technology and how to use the latest tools to build a solid DX strategy. Let us understand your business, and we can help you plan and build the perfect strategy to meet your unique needs!

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