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Why SMBs Need to Protect Their Data hubTGI Toronto

Why SMBs Need to Protect Their Data

Many small companies believe that because of their size, their data is not at risk. They think hackers are only interested in big corporations, banks and insurance companies. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. The truth is every business big or small has data that is valuable to criminals like employee information, customer data and more. In fact,…

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Who Do You Call When Your Printer Breaks Down? hubTGI Toronto

Who Do You Call When Your Printer Breaks Down?

Did you know that approximately 40-60% of IT help desk calls are print related? For many companies, when they encounter a print problem, they turn to their in-house IT staff for assistance, taking these valuable and in-demand employees away from their essential duties. In many small to medium-sized businesses their IT staff are already overloaded;…

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what is a print assessment? hubTGI Toronto

What is a Print Assessment and How Can Your Organization Benefit From One?

If you’re like most organizations, you may not have a clear understanding of what your actual printing costs are. This is alarming, especially considering that printing costs can amount to a sizable expense. However, an effective solution for getting a better handle on your printing costs is to have a print assessment completed. A print…

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Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Wireless Printers hubTGI Toronto

Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Wireless Printers

When putting network security measures in place, wireless printers and all-in-one devices are often overlooked as a security risk. Because these wireless devices have hard drives and network access, a cyber attacker could do considerable damage if they were to gain access to them. Taking steps to secure your wireless print devices is an important…

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5 Key Topics To Cover In Your IT Security Policy hubTGI Toronto

5 Key Topics To Cover In Your IT Security Policy

With the quantity of information stored and exchanged electronically, IT security should be a top priority for all businesses. When creating your IT security policy, there are several important factors to keep in mind: Acceptable Use – Define what employees are allowed to do with their work computers and on the business network. Unauthorized activity…

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6 Office Print Costs you May Be Overlooking hubTGI Toronto

6 Office Print Costs you May Be Overlooking

Printers are a necessity for most businesses, but they could be costing you thousands of unnecessary dollars every year if left unmanaged. “90% of companies don’t know how many printers they have or how much they spend on print.” – Gartner Look out for these hidden costs in your print environment: Hardware – Buying the…

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The Private Cloud Advantage hubTGI Toronto

The Private Cloud Advantage

Hub Technology Group Inc. and the Private Cloud Advantage Over the last several years technology has allowed businesses of all sizes to take advantage of cloud based services.  Cloud technology allows applications and data to be stored and accessible from different devices in multiple locations.  Many businesses are familiar with public cloud services, but private clouds can…

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Multifunction Printers - Are They All The Same? hubTGI Toronto

Multifunction Printers – Are They All The Same?

If you’re in the market for a multifunction printer (MFP), you’ve probably noticed that while there are many manufacturers who offer MFPs, they pretty much all look and sound the same. The only outwardly distinguishing factor seems to be the price point. Most MFPs offer the same feature set including printing, faxing, scanning and copying. What makes them different?…

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Essential Strategies For Password Protection hubTGI Toronto

Essential Strategies For Password Protection

With all the recent news about data breaches at major firms, security is front of mind for most business owners. It’s a real concern. Hackers want access to anything they can get into. One easy way you can protect yourself from being compromised is by creating a great password. Here are some best practices for…

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Growing a Greener Office hubTGI Toronto

Growing a Greener Office

Earth Day was launched in 1970 to inspire people worldwide to think about ecology and sustainability. Now, 45 years later, we largely are aware of the consequences of waste as it affects landfills, natural resources and even the economy. Does your office’s printing habits align with Earth Day’s ideals? For most workplaces – even ones that…

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