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Free Your Business from Document Chaos

Stay in control of your documents, save time, and keep your data safe with a document management solution from hubTGI.


With our streamlined and user-friendly digital platform, organizing and accessing your important files has never been easier.

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    Are Your Documents Becoming Unmanageable?


    Dealing with vast amounts of paperwork can be overwhelming and time-consuming, leading to disorganization, lost documents, lack of collaboration, delays, and security risks.

    A document management solution from hubTGI will reduce your reliance on paper and boost productivity through automated workflows. With our proven approach, we transform your paper and digital files into a collaborative digital environment, enabling your team to find, share, collaborate, and secure information with ease.

    Can You Relate

    to Any of These?

    If you can relate to any of these document challenges, it’s time to consider implementing a robust document management system. Streamline your operations, enhance data security, improve collaboration, ensure document control, achieve compliance, and empower your employees with easy access to vital information. Don’t let document challenges hold you back!

    Lost Productivity
    Excessive time searching for documents leads to decreased productivity and inefficiency.

    Inconsistent Document Control
    Lack of document control leads to version issues, inaccurate info, approval challenges, inconsistencies, and compliance risks.

    Data Security Risks
    Unmanaged documents lead to breaches, unauthorized access, data loss, financial repercussions, legal issues, and reputational harm.

    Lack of Compliance
    Compliance hurdles, penalties, audits, and legal complications in regulated sectors are a risk.

    Inefficient Collaboration
    Hampered collaboration results in confusion, delays, and errors with file versions.
    Limited Access and Availability
    Remote collaboration, decision-making, and access to vital information for dispersed employees can be a challenge

    Did You Know?

    of employees recreate missing documents. – M-Files
    is the cost of every four-drawer filing cabinet holding 10K to 12K documents.
    of productivity loss is due to document related challenges.

    Free Your Business

    from Document Chaos

    Streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and fortify document security with our advanced document management features. Stay compliant with regulations while enjoying significant cost savings. Experience peace of mind with robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities for your critical business documents. Trust hubTGI for comprehensive, tailored solutions that elevate your business to new heights!

    Increased Efficiency
    Streamlines creation, organization, and access to documents, boosting productivity with less time spent searching.

    Simplified Compliance
    Ensures compliance with regulations and legal requirements, enforces retention policies and tracks document versions.

    Enhanced Collaboration
    Enables team collaboration, regardless of physical location, through a sharing platform.
    Cost Savings
    Reduces physical storage, printing and paper reliance, cuts costs on storage, supplies, and management overhead.

    Improved Document Security
    Ensures security with access controls, encryption, and audit trails to protect sensitive information.

    Business Continuity
    Safeguards critical business documents for quick restoration with backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

    Unlock Your Document Potential with hubTGI

    When you engage hubTGI as your document management provider, benefits include:

    1. Turnkey Solutions Specific for Your Organization
    2. Workflow Productivity Apps
    3. One Touch Scanning at the MFP
    4. Centralized Electronic File Cabinet
    5. On Premise to Cloud Storage
    6. User Access & Restrictions
    7. Security Protection
    8. Secure Compliance Solutions

    When you choose HubTGI as your partner for document management, you gain access to cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Our focus is on providing personalized service and prioritizing your business needs.

    Let us help you gain control over your documents and provide a solution that makes sense for your business! Call a hubTGI representative today and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation conversation today.

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