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Colour Laser Printers

Xerox Colour Laser Printers

Attract Attention with a Colour Laser Printer

A quality printer is an essential tool for any successful business but not all printers are created equal. If your Toronto business uses colour printing with any regularity, you should consider a colour laser printer from Hub Technology Group Inc., an authorized Xerox agent.

Features and Benefits of Colour Laser Printers

Any business in the Greater Toronto Area that does colour printing should seriously consider upgrading its printing technology suite to include a colour laser printer. Inkjet printers are inexpensive, compact, and versatile but they simply do not offer the same benefits of a laser printer.

A small business colour laser printer does not inject wet ink onto the paper – it fuses the ink to the paper using heat, which prevents smudging and downtime for drying. As soon as the page comes out of the printer, it is ready to go.

In addition to being time-efficient, colour laser printers are very cost-efficient. A toner cartridge for a colour laser printer might cost more than the average inkjet printer cartridge but you have to consider the fact that toner cartridges can last for 1,500 pages or more – compare that to a maximum around 150 pages for inkjet cartridges. In addition to offering a much lower cost per page, small business colour laser printers can print an average of 40 to 60 pages per minute, though some models can print as many as 100 pages per minute.

Should You Consider a Tabloid Laser Colour Printer?

The benefits of colour laser printers over inkjet printers for modern small businesses are obvious, but there are a number of different models to consider. If your business tends to print a lot of legal documents and marketing materials, it might be worth considering a larger 11×17 laser colour printer for the office. This type of printer can handle larger documents and high-volume print jobs much more efficiently than a standard office printer, which results in reduced downtime and increased productivity for your employees and for your business as a whole.

Colour Laser Printers


Xerox Phaser 6022

Color LED printer

  • Prints up to 18 ppm color / 18 ppm black-and-white and up to 8.5″ x 14″ paper
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity

Xerox Phaser 6510

Color LED printer

  • Print anytime, anywhere, from a wide array of mobile devices
  • Outstanding colour quality helps your business stand out


Xerox Phaser 6600

Color laser printer

  • Grow your business with simple and efficient color printing
  • Print quality that helps your internal and external communications shine


Xerox Phaser 6700

Color laser printer

  • Prints 2400 x 1200 dpi and up to 47 color pages/minute
  • Color touch screen with embedded help videos for easy troubleshooting


Xerox Phaser 7100

Color laser printer

  • Compact footprint small enough to fit on a desktop
  • Exceptional print quality on media sizes up to tabloid


Xerox ColorQube 8580

Solid ink color printer

  • Cartridge-free, eco-responsible ink
  • Best for everyday workgroup color and black-and-white usage


Xerox ColorQube 8880

Solid ink color printer

  • Low total cost of ownership for high-volume workgroups
  • Cartridge-free Solid Ink technology generates up to 90% less printing waste than laser


Xerox Phaser 7500

Tabloid color LED printer

  • For large workgroups that require A3/tabloid (11″ x 17″) color printing
  • Color by Words lets you select desired color modifications from a simple drop-down list


Xerox Phaser 7800

Tabloid color LED printer

  • The graphic arts gold standard
  • Print up to 45 color pages/minute