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11x17 Printers

Handle Large Print Jobs with an 11×17 Printer

If your Toronto area business does a lot of printing, it might be worth investing in an 11×17 printer from Hub Technology Group Inc., an authorized Xerox dealer. With a larger printer at your disposal your business will enjoy faster printing speeds, reduced downtime, and greater cost-efficiency.

What are the Benefits of a Tabloid Laser Printer?

The main benefit of an 11×17 printer over a standard office printer is, of course, the ability to print larger documents. What many people do not realize, however, is that tabloid printers can do so much more. Many tabloid all-in-one printers are faster and more powerful than their smaller counterparts, enabling you to not only print big, but also to print quickly. Tabloid laser printers may be a little more expensive but their wider functionality and reliability do not need to be replaced as often – this correlates to reduced downtime and a lower cost per page.

Choosing the Right 11×17 Printer for Your Business

If you have decided that a tabloid laser printer would be a good fit for your business, contact hubTGI to explore your options. Tabloid printers come in all shapes and sizes so it is important to evaluate the needs of your business before you make your choice. Some 11×17 printers are designed predominantly for black and white printing while others are designed to print photos. Many tabloid printers offer benefits including scanning, copying, and faxing, and some even offer wireless capabilities.

Having the right 11×17 laser printer on hand could mean a world of difference for your Toronto business. If you are serious about seeing your business succeed, invest in the kind of technology that will simplify your business processes, helping you to stop losing time and to start focusing on the things that really matter.

11 x 17 Printers


Xerox Phaser 7100

Color laser printer

  • Compact footprint small enough to fit on a desktop
  • Exceptional print quality on media sizes up to tabloid


Xerox Phaser 5500

Monochrome laser printer

  • For large workgroups up to 30 users with heavy print volumes
  • Up to 50 pages/minute on a variety of paper sizes from 3″ x 3.87″ to 11.7″ x 17″


Xerox Phaser 7500

Tabloid color LED printer

  • For large workgroups that require A3/tabloid (11″ x 17″) color printing
  • Color by Words lets you select desired color modifications from a simple drop-down list


Xerox Phaser 7800

Tabloid color LED printer

  • The graphic arts gold standard
  • Print up to 45 color pages/minute